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About Sri Rajarajeswari Temple

The SRI RAJARAJESWARI TEMPLE located in Rush (Rochester) NY is very unique to North America that primarily functions as a teaching temple. This temple teaches the essence and rituals of Sanatana Dharma as per the Sri Vidya and other vedic traditions to all those interested, regardless of caste, creed or national origin.


Sri Vidya Temple Mission


God as Brahman has no form, existing beyond mind, time and space. However, the mystic power of God also exists with form to delight and kindle understanding amongst devotees. Hindus worship a wide variety of divine manifestations. In this temple we worship Mother as Sri Rajarajeswari Devi. She is filled with compassion for Her children of all ages, castes and genders. Her grace is infinite and may be experienced by all who  approach Her . 

The Sri Vidya Temple is dedicated to the mission of teaching devotees to nurture their personal relationship with the  Divine Mother. It is run entirely by volunteers who experience Her shakti and grace by participating in the worship through loving service. 


This site is dedicated to the lotus feet of universal and ever loving mother Sri Rajarajeswari and our beloved guru Sri Chaitanyananda (Aiya)

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Slokas and Suktas Learning Resources: Please find below learning resource on commonly recited slokas. We are in the process bringing more of these resources to you in very near future:

Sri Lalita Sahasranama Learning resource: View

For Suktams (Includes Purush Suktam, Narayan Suktam, Medha Suktam, Neela Suktam, Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam) : View Suktams 

In Process: Siva Puranam

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Please call, email if you need any information on Sri  Rajarajeswari Peetham:

Srividya Temple Society
6980 East River Rd, Rush, New York, USA,
Phone: (585)-533-1970

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Welcome to Atirudram Updates! With Devi's grace Mahakumbabhishekam has come to a glorious conclusion. It was best thing ever happened and we hope you all had great experience to share.

Please view Mahakumbabhishekam Gallery here:


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